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The U.S. Needs More Housing Than Almost Anyone Can Imagine

For Americans to live a productive, prosperous, happy life, homes need to be truly abundant.

"How many homes must the United States’ expensive coastal cities build to become affordable for middle-class and working-poor families again?

"... Whatever the number is, it’s enormous. “All the numbers we have that address this question are huge. They’re massive,” Garcia said. “And they’re all a massive undercount.”

"That strikes me as a problem. No one can say just what it would take to make Brooklyn affordable for workers who don’t have a college degree, render San Francisco accessible to families with kids and elderly couples on fixed incomes, or allow extended-family members in Boston to buy apartments within a few blocks of one another. That means we have no policy vision of how to make our biggest, most productive places affordable for all, and no plan to get there."

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